By: Micki Taus | February 03, 2016

To succeed, you need to treat yourself with respect and admiration. To succeed, you need a high opinion of yourself.

1. Every time you criticize yourself about something, add a solution. Decide on a way to fix the weakness. Focus on improvement instead of problems.

For example, "I'm so stupid! Why didn't I ask him about his other company when I had the chance? No wonder I'm such a loser . . . wait, how can I fix this? From now on, I'm taking five minutes before each important meeting and writing a list of things to do so I don't mess up again. Great idea!"

2. Write down things about yourself of which you are proud. If necessary, start with small things, such as good personal habits. Keep writing until you improve your opinion.

For example, "I might be fat, but I brush my teeth regularly. I'm eating more vegetables these days. I haven't gotten angry at my kids for a month. I'm earning more money this year. I'm helping Joe with his drinking problem . . . ."

3. If you want to permanently improve your opinion of yourself, you need to go deeper. The solution lies below your conscious level. "Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science" explains how you can find and erase the roots of your irrational thoughts.

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